Hey there! We're the Fourth Men.

We've teamed up to make a game for the Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2.

This Jam's theme is Rewind. You can play our game, Steve is Tired, here.

Please note that the game runs natively on your browser using WebGL. If you'd like to install the game on your computer, go to our releases page on GitHub.

Steve is Tired

In Steve is Tired, you help Steve from accounting escape the office and his boss, who demands Steve work another shift. Along the way, you find a can of W◂◂RP Energy Drink, which lets Steve go back to a recent point in time. Move boxes, flip switches, and rewind your way to the exit!

This game consists of 10 levels.



This game was created by the Fourth Men (us!), namely:


License and Contributing

Steve is Tired's code and this site are both hosted on GitHub.

This game is licensed under MIT, which means: go nuts.

Feel free to fork, mod, copy and change all of our stuff (not licensed from a third party), as long as you give us credit and acknowledge the license. PRs are welcome, too :D